No spy, no lie


Googol is a script that makes your request to google's servers for you and produce a ad-tracking-bullshit free page

How ?!

  1. The user sends a request to Googol
  2. Googol sends the request to GOOGLE SERVERS
  3. GOOGLE SERVER answers sending a html page to Googol
  4. Googol extracts all the interesting data from the page
  5. Googol also grabs the thumbnails locally
  6. then creates a brand new page with no ads or tracking urls/js
  7. and sends it back to the user.
Google's servers will never get any information from you, not even with thumbnails...

How do I install it ?

Just upload the googol folder to your own webserver using FTP and that's it (Download)

Some informations

Sometimes, google server bannishes googol; this version uses Startpage results during the bannishment time